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Client Overview:

The Hybrid Personal Transport System (Hybrid PT) System is named in honor of Jamie Alexandra Grimsley an 18 year old student who was killed in an automobile accident on August 17, 2005. Hybrid PT was designed primarily to save lives by providing a safer surface transportation environment.

On July 16th, 2008, an preliminary application was accepted by the U.S. Patent Office titled Hybrid Personal Rapid Transit (application number 61/129,754 - 071608). The application holder is, by way of assignment, Hybrid PT, Incorporated, a Virginia, USA corporation (hereafter the “Company”). The Company intends to design and build the Hybrid Personal Transit System (also “System” or “Grid”), throughout the developed world, by obtaining the air rights above current roadways, highways and other surface properties.

Hybrid PT is a completely new vision of surface transportation for the next generation of personal vehicles. The Company projects that design and initial implementation of the System will be undertaken over the next 5 years, allowing auto manufacturers to phase in System compatible features over the same time span. The Hybrid PT concept may have unusual application possibilities in developing countries.