Fresh ideas are what Process is passionate about. Each client inspires us to think of new ideas and ways to creatively develop them. Each project we work on is different and original and treated as a new and creative venture. Click on the portfolio thumbnails to see some samples of how our creative ideas and hard work are implemented.

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Client Overview:

Instant access to Collective & Dispensary Menus. FREE TO ALL PATIENTS and as basic as it gets. We removed all the clutter and offer only what is needed. An easy way for patients to find out what the collective or dispensary in their neighborhood has to offer before going.

The Daily Collective is a start-up based out of Los Angeles California with Collectives & Dispensaries contributing from around the world. We fully support the MMJ Community which is why the compassion shows through our site. The GOAL of our site is to be able to provide patients a place to come and view the Daily Collective & Dispensary Menus which can provide the medicine to patients in need. Feel free to contact us anytime at info@dailycollective.com or by using our contact form.