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Client Overview:

Over the past 22 years, as the National Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Guru for Washington D.C., I have humbly taken my place among the leading artists in the beauty industry to launch the flagship Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. I believe in striving for excellence and creativity while maintaining a high standard of artistic integrity whether I am serving the influential international and Washingtonian community, or the famous celebrity set, as well as anyone who is need of radiating their inner beauty outward.

The Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa is proud to bring our guests a unique combination of beauty through artistry; substance through an education about our special process and carefully-selected products; spirituality through Erwin's Hispanic/Asian philosophy and sensibility as a Filipino; and customer service through our sedulous selection of elite staff from around the globe. We will provide our guests with an unparalleled Salon & Spa experience, which will start with the Eastern Dragon, who was used as an inspiration for the ethos of our new space located " In The Heart Of Georgetown " on Wisconsin Avenue. The Dragon's red color is to provide protection and good luck; five claws represent the power of a dynasty; noble brow celestial wisdom; rigorous body strength and protection; and winding tail motion and beauty.