Fresh ideas are what Process is passionate about. Each client inspires us to think of new ideas and ways to creatively develop them. Each project we work on is different and original and treated as a new and creative venture. Click on the portfolio thumbnails to see some samples of how our creative ideas and hard work are implemented.

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Apparel Overview:

One of our favorite genres in which to work has always been a medium that delivers great impact, clothing. We have worked with some of the largest to smallest brands in the world with one goal: Create amazing apparel that people WANT to wear. From projects with 250,000 print runs to 12 tee runs we deliver design to meet our customers expectations. We also have experience working direct with manufacturers of apparel, tags, shoes, belts, badges, buttons and more. Our Knowledge ensures the best quality project and deliverables.

How we work:

With each project we aim to deliver a smooth workflow to increase the path to success. We employ some great collaboration tools which we set up for each customer and project. This client collaboration system has a clean and user friendly interface allowing all project team members to clearly understand and complete tasks. Included in the client system are the following: Project Overview, Project Messages, Project To Do's, Project Milestones, Blank Pages for free form notes, a file upload area and trackable email confirmations for each posting. If you are interested in learning more about our client system feel free to contact us for further details.

Why work with Process?

We have some of the top designers in the business and our work is proof. We generally assign multiple designers per project, giving you a variety of choices. Our process is easy, efficient, and effective. Apparel design packages are offered for any size client.

Programs used on project:

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