An amazing way to bring customer attention to the face of your business. We have developed and supplied project that have been Used in Front Store displays, Commercial Ads, Website intros and more. Media is expanding at a rapid pace and people look for quality and entertainment. Timelapse bring an exciting approach to any business interface.

We enjoy producing production of time lapse videos. An ideal marketing tool for the Salon, Restaurant, and architecture industries, time lapse video technology turns a project that takes days or weeks to complete, into a video that takes only minutes to watch! Using a fleet of digital cameras, Process takes Photo and Video production of a project in progress, then merges it into a dynamic video, which is perfect for sales calls, web sites, DVD’s and trade shows. It’s more affordable than you think. Set your marketing in motion today!

Timlapse Uses:

  • Website Introduction
  • Website Feature
  • Website Advertisement
  • Storefront Customer Experience
  • Storefront Traffic Display

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